Backpacks for Big-Ups​​​​
Business Referral Program

What is a Big-Up?
From Urban Dictionary: An expression of support or encouragement.
Origin - "Up" is an English term used to mean elevation. Therefore the term "big up" literally means to elevate highly or to a superlative degree. 

Support kids in need by supporting us!
For every referral that results in a signed contract equal to $1,000 or more, we'll purchase and donate 10 backpacks for kids in underserved schools.

How It Works

1. Tell someone about our services

Let's all win by helping organizations succeed and helping students in need!

2. Let us know about your Big-Up!

Send an email to [email protected] to let us know you're talking about us.

3. Wait for it... 

Once we have a signed agreement with the organization that you referred we will order 10 back packs from a local school related charity like the Education Foundation and let you know. We'll also showcase you here on our site below.

4. Keep referring!

The more you help us, the more you help a kid in need!
Big-Ups Referral Team
August 2016
Laura Thorne Consulting Referral Program Image
Medium size web design job
Liza Grudin
NovelEsolutions, Inc. (NovelE) provides engineering and consulting services to private and public entities with environmental concerns. Our company offers a full range of turnkey environmental cleanup services utilizing innovative, but proven technologies, while maintaining a high level of client care. ​​​
Principle, Owner
[email protected]
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