The Artist as a Business Workshops & Coaching

"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

I work with art guilds, arts associations, arts organizations, art schools, and individual artists as a coach or through workshops.  My goal is to teach you business fundamentals and give you a solid foundation for a sustainable business strategy and skills needed to manage the day to day business, while you continue to have time to do create the art that is your passion.

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"I had a large commission and they paid me a lot of money for it. You are amazing and I am so glad I met you!" - Snowbird client testimonial
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Business and Goals 101
Start your artist-business journey on a path to a success by establishing SMART goals and creating a business plan! You've probably already got business cards and a basic website and now you're ready to get down to business and lock in your goals and make a plan. Whether your goals include getting more out of your art, bringing more people to your art shows, or increasing sales we will develop a roadmap to get you there. 
Art Sales and Marketing Planning
What would your art business be without sales? In the business 101 and goals workshop, you defined the basics of your artist business and have evaluated wh.ere you are now and where you would like your artist business to go.  Now it's time to put consistent processes into place to  meet your marketing and sales goals. In this workshop we will go over sales tactics and relationship building
Social Media 101
Let's face it, the globally connected world that we live in today is largely the reason you're here looking at these workshops. Social media is the artist's friend and enemy. No longer is setting up at a monthly craft show an acceptable strategy. The challenge now is, where do you want to be? Which social media platforms should you use? How much time and money should you spend doing it? Where do you even start?

In this workshop, we will get to the bottom of these questions to help you start off on the right foot and not waste too much time and energy in places that won't help you reach your goals.
Instagram Basics
Instagram is the social media platform that every artist should be on. This is the only social media program that focuses on images. This workshop begins at the level that the person or group needs it to.  If needed, we'll start with downloading the app, what all the buttons do, creating your profile, adding images and the basic functions like liking and following other profiles.  If there is a need, I also offer Instagram Advanced, where we will go into pre-processing images and creating marketing and posting schedules, increasing followers, and advanced campaigns.
Facebook Pages Starter
Facebook is the place to be to ensure your artist-business has a presence within your community and with your friends and family. Pages can be created for your business, your group, your nonprofit and other specialties. Facebook is updating the functionality of the Facebook Pages feature all the time, if you created a page years ago there are tools you may be missing.  This workshop will cover how to start a Page, what your settings should be, adding headers and profile photos, filling in the About settings effectively,  best practices and more. 
Facebook Advanced
Your Facebook has a solid foundation, represents your brand, and you've got over 100 followers, now what? In this class, we bypass how to set up your page and focus on the tools Facebook has for getting more engagement. This includes insights, ads, video, posting strategy and more.
Basic Websites
Create a basic website with galleries for your work using templated hosting systems, I'll show you how. Learn what your options are for hosting, what the costs involved are, how much time it will take, how to make changes to your site once it is built and what the important features are that should be included on your website. We'll talk a little about selling options as well but integrating e-commerce is an advanced website workshop.
Onlines Sales, What's Right for You?
There are so many options for selling your art online. There is no right option for everyone. In this class we'll review your art-business goals and align them with the right online strategy. You'll leave class with a plan to move forward and less stess over "what about all these other things?".
Applying for Grants
Whether you are an individual artist or a group, there are funds out there to help you meet your goals. This workshop focuses on where to look for these opportunities and once you've found one, what to do in order to improve your chances of receiving the funds. Grants are highly competitive and the more you know, and the better you've planned ahead of time, your chances of success will greatly increase.
One on One or Group Consulting
I offer a full suite of services for artists including:

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