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Laura J Thorne
When you want a Millenial's ideas and creativity but a Gen X's work ethic, call me.
I am a sole proprietor strategy and performance improvement consultant. I strive to take everything I have learned through my 25 years of experience in multiple fields to deliver services to you that are effective, efficient, and modern; not the old nickel and dime you consulting of the past. I use innovative techniques facilitated through new technologies and ideas to get you amazing results without pulling management away from their core functions for overly long meetings and ineffective projects. 
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Helping organizations realize potential opportunities and implement positive change solutions, Ms. Thorne has 25 years experience in the professional environment implementing continuous improvement and developing creative and innovative solutions to problems. In 2001, she designed and integrated a CRM for a global telemarketing sales company. She followed that with 10 years in environmental government where she managed 2 million dollars across 40 grant projects. She was also the program manager for Artificial Reefs, GIS, and GIS. 

In 2015 she left the government world to treck across the country in a class-A RV with her two cats. She traveled from Tampa, Florida to Yosemite National Park, California, and back. It was a once in a lifetime experience and one that demonstrated her tenacity and adventurous nature. 

She is a quality award winning management consultant and has served in leadership and other roles on boards and committees such as the President of the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals (TBAEP), Vice President of a Toastmasters club, and an advisor on the Hillsborough Education Foundation Scholarship Committee.  In 2016, she spearheaded a Women in STEM in Environmental Careers annual workshop that has sold out in its first two years of existence.  She is currently serving on the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) conference planning committee.

Since moving to Syracuse she has become passionate about helping the Syracuse economy and is focused on working with businesses from her three main interests which are environment, art, and manufacturing.   Each of these industries has an opportunity to uplift Syracuse.

Laura is a strong person to have in your corner as she is an INFP, capable of being flexible while still meeting a deadline, and due to her diverse career history, she is able to offer unique perspectives and out of the box thinking. If you want to work with a square consultant there are plenty of them out there. Laura is a round peg that fits wherever she goes as well as knowledgeable, tech intuitive, realistic, and a spark of energy for your company.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of South Florida, is a certified as a Professional Project Manager (PMP) with Project Management International, is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified, and was an Advanced Florida Sterling Examiner until moving to Syracuse, NY.

When she is not working, she is traveling, teaching photography, or volunteering.
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    Laura is an energetic, self-motivated individual who has both great ideas and the ability to execute them in a timely and efficient manner. I have known Laura for several years. I have been very impressed with the passion that she has. Laura understands the need to set goals, measure and assess progress, and to re-evaluate and adjust a strategy to achieve the best possible results.
    Erin Kane
    "Great ideas and the ability to execute them in a timely and efficient manner"
  2. Laura Thorne Consultant Testimonial Image
    As a business owner, I panned to rebrand myself but I had no idea where to begin. Laura helped me prioritize my goals, evaluate if they were realistic, and most importantly - kept me on task. I’m one of those people who wants to jump right in but Laura helped me understand the “why” behind goal setting and the importance of moving forward step by step and creating a Strategic Plan. Laura introduced me to “Social Marketing”, a new concept to me but perfect to address my situation. She has helped me to excel in my new endeavor; her guidance has been invaluable and she is really easy to work with. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to make it to the next level in your performance journey, you need to hire Laura to make it happen. Her expertise knows no bounds, she has the ability to work with different types of organizations, local and internationally with no barriers to size. The unique and diverse experience she brings is priceless! ~Sherry Sexton, Pathways to Courage
    Sherry Sexton
    "Helped me understand the 'why'.... & the importance of a strategic plan"
  3. Laura Thorne Consultant Testimonial Image
    I cannot say enough great things about Laura, knowing her on and off the job for several years now. Laura has all of the qualities you’d look for in a professional colleague – smart, creative, dedicated, supportive, team player. She has no reservations with taking the initiative or giving her full support to others that do the same. Her warmth, humor and positive outlook inspire confidence in everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.
    Edmond Hughes
    "...all of the qualities you’d look for in a professional"
  4. Laura Thorne Consultant Testimonial Image
    Laura has been one of the most productive, energetic, and focused staff I have worked with. She is very knowledgeable in the Florida Sterling management methods, GIS programs, an excellent supervisor, managed our Pollution Recovery Program, excelled in Toastmaster's and was a team player in helping our agency achieve its goals.
    Rick Garrity PhD
    "A team player in helping our agency achieve its goals"
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With diligence, honesty, creativity, efficiency and focus. Always.
Every organization has its own special culture, its own unique Mission, and its own individual problems.  A benefit of working with me is that I am flexible and have a vast and varied array of tools and skills available to support your organization's unique needs. We can work together on a full-scale holistic approach to performance improvement and innovation or on a more micro level, one project at a time.

I will meet with you on your terms, in your location if needed, and in a way that fits with the culture of your organization.
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